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Get the latest info on sales, local homebrew events, classes, and everything else. There's always new stuff cooking up at The Thirsty Quaker.

New one gallon beer & wine-making kits

One gallon beer and wine-making kits are now in stock at The Thirsty Quaker. We have wine of all types and beer of all styles. These kits are great for dipping your toes into the hobby or for space-constrained apartments! Wine kits retail at approximately $28, and make five bottles of wine. Beer kits retail around $16 and make 10 bottles of beer.

We also have the new one-gallon wine-making equipment kit which comes with everything you need to make your own wine.


Mead Day is Saturday, August 1st! Honey & Mead sale / tasting!

Mead Day 2015 is this Saturday August 1, and we'll be celebrating our mead and mead-making wares! All mead and honey will be 10% off, including Jersey City's own Liberty City Honey (the hives are 2 blocks from our shop)!

We'll also be giving out tastings of some of the honey we have in stock, starting at 10am and going until we run out of samples. We've got so much honey you wouldn't believe it! Orange Blossom, Cranberry, Buckwheat, Wildflower, Pine Barren Wildflower, Raspberry, Blueberry, and more!



Women's Only Brewing Class 8/23 with Beer for Babes

Our August 23rd homebrew class will be a women's only class taught with Beer for Babes, NJ's first craft-beer appreciation & education group for women. Our manager Melissa is the head of Beer for Babes!

We will be doing a hands-on brewing session so you get to mash the grains yourself, boil the hops, and practice bottling your beer. We'll also drink some great beer during the class, and discuss the science and history of brewing, highlighting the contribution of women to this great pasttime.

Sign up in shop by August 9th to reserve your spot, as space is limited.

The class is at the Hudson Community College Culinary Arts Center.


Check out Beer for Babes on Facebook and Twitter.


Wine Kit Sale - 60% off all kits

Making your own wine is fast and easy - way easier than making beer! We're putting all of our wine and fruit wine kits on sale, from the Vintner's Reserve basic line, to the Eclipse deluxe line. These kits have everything you need to make 32 bottles of great wine that's ready to drink in just 2-3 months. All you need is a bit of water and a fermenting vessel.

This sale will run as long as supplies last.