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Black Friday 2016!!!

Black Friday deals? Sure why not!

25% off all home beer and wine-making equipment!

10% of all Bourbon, Scotch, and other whiskeys

What a deal! The crowds will be beating down the doors so make sure to camp out overnight to get in line first. (That's a joke, by the way, please don't camp out overnight).

New Burners, Kettles, and Beer Guns in stock!

With Christmas coming up, it's time to start thinking about the serious homebrew in your life, or maybe yourself! These new kettles are great for the dedicated brewer, or someone looking to take it to the next level.

Brew Kettles

The Bayou Classic Brew Kettle set is loaded with features to help your Homebrewing experience. The Tri-Ply bottom helps prevent scorching, and the all stainless construction insures a clean brewing environment. Available in 10 and 16 gallon sizes.

Stainless Steel Tri-Ply bottom
Heat Shield for spigot
Gallon/Quart on pot calibration
Stainless Vented Lid
Stainless 1/2" Ball Valve
6-piece model also includes:
Stainless False Bottom
Stainless Tube Filter Screen


10 Gallon 4-piece - 196.99
16 Gallon 4-piece - 229.99
10 Gallon 6-piece - 299.99
16 Gallon 6-piece - 339.99


Bayou Classics Propane Burners

Take your wort to boiling in just a few minutes with these super powerful propane burners! Each burner is made of solid construction and comes with a regulator.

SP1 Jet Burner - 185,000 BTU - 54.99
SP10 Burner - 55,000 BTU        - 59.99
KAB6 Burner - 210,000 BTU    - 124.99

41vnMFwnpiL._SY300_51eK3C4bUsL._SY300_KAB6 - PHOTO

The Blichmann Beer Gun

Powered by patented Quiescent Flow Technology℠, the BeerGun™ takes aim at these common problems – purging a bottle with CO2 and filling it with minimal foam or carbonation loss. The BeerGun™ makes bottling as simple as pushing a purge valve and pulling a trigger for beer!



Blichmann Beer Gun w/ tubing - 74.99


Blichmann Thrumometer

Toss a Thrumometer in your siphon hose or your plate chiller line to get a real-time reading of your wort temperature! Available in 3/8" and 1/2"



Blichmann Thrumometer (both sizes) - 24.99


Happy Halloween! Stop by for Candy and Pumpkin Liqueur

Hope you all have a great Halloween! We still have some pumpkin beers in stock, and Terrapin's official The Walking Dead beer!

Stop by the shop today, we will be handing out candy to kids all day, and pumpkin liqueur samples to the adults!


Reserve your spot today for our Whiskey Tasting

We'll have over 30 whiskeys from around available at our Around The World Whiskey Tasting. Not just bourbon and Scotch though! We'll have whiskey from places like Sweden, South Africa, Japan, France, and India. There is limited space available so grab your ticket asap to secure a spot.

Click here for tickets