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The Thirsty Quaker is Jersey City's #1 Craft Beer Store, and Hudson County's only homebrew supply shop. We also feature a wide selection of unique wines and excellent spirits. Nobody beats our selection.

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Check out the new beer, whiskey, and more that we get each week​
New Stuff

New Arrivals 5/17/24

Crooked Stave Von Pilsner 6pk cDUBCO Citraclipse IPA 4pk cEver Gain Chromachasm IPA 4pk cEver Grain Tamga IPA 4pk cFoam Transmitting Light IPA 4pk cGrimm ...
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New Stuff

New Arrivals 5/10/24

Notch Salem Lager 4pk cNotch Left of Dial IPA 4pk cNotch Variety 12pkOxbow Farmhouse Pale Ale 6pk cOxbow Luppolo Pilsner 4pk cOxbow Sap Haus Rauchbier ...
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New Stuff

New Arrivals 5/2/24

Carton Beach Pale Ale 4pk cCarton Boat Pale Ale 4pk cCarton Clean Slate Pilsner 4pk cCarton Dune Fruit Berliner Weisse 4pk cCarton Spring’s Shower Kolsch ...
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New Stuff

New Arrivals 4/26/24

7 Tribesmen Brew Jersey: Clean Slate Lager 4pk c7 Tribesmen Chieftain’s Wit 4pk c7 Tribesmen Hades Destiny Sour 4pk c7 Tribesmen Nautilus Lager 4pk c7 ...
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New Stuff

New Arrivals 4/19/24

21st Amendment Fruit Variety 12pk c21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon Wheat 6pk c21st Amendment Raspberry Funk Wheat 6pk c450 North Hydra Under the Sea ...
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New Stuff

New Arrivals 4/12/24

902 Chilltown Crusher Pilsner 4pk c902 Juicy City IPA 4pk c902 Land Down Under IPA 4pk c902 Mexican Style Lager 4pk c902 Pacific Highway IPA ...
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