Kombucha Live Culture SCOBY & Starter


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This SCOBY includes a hand-selected 4″ pellicle with 12 fl. oz. of mature, active starter tea – the perfect ratio for a 1 gallon batch. The starter tea is carefully aged to ensure a healthy and successful brew. It is super easy to make your own Kombucha at home! Once you get your SCOBY growing, you can keep making new batches without having to re-purchase a SCOBY – all you need is sugar and tea.

This SCOBY kit is also unique in that it is shelf stable and does not need refrigeration – reducing the cost to you.

  • Shelf stable – no refrigeration neeeded!
  • Certified Organic & Kosher, grown with care and dedication in a fully licensed facility.
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Dimensions 10 × 6 × 3 in
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