Learn to Brew

We are very happy to announce a partnership with Hudson Table for new brewing classes! Hudson Table is a beautiful cooking space at the North end of Hoboken with top notch facilities perfect for making beer. Our new classes will be good for brand new brewers as well as intermediate brewers.

The class will be a hands-on lesson where we brew a particular style together and give you tips and tricks on how to brew the best possible beer in that style. If you already have homebrewing equipment, you will receive a $30 discount on your ticket.

Click for Tickets:
Sunday May 20, 12PM – 3:00PM – Sour Beers
Sunday June 17, 12PM – 3:00PM – Stouts

One Person, Equipment Kit included – $100
One Person, Equipment Kit not included – $70
Two People, Equipment Kit included – $145
Two People, Equipment Kit not included – $115

We recommend coming with a friend to get the best deal.