One Step No Rinse Cleanser 8 OZ


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One Step No Rinse Cleanser is both a cleaner and a sanitizer! It is good for cleaning your homebrewing equipment while also sanitizing it.

One Step is the only environmentally sound no-rinse cleanser on the market. Other powdered cleansers either require rinsing due to their alkaline nature or use materials that can be harmful to the ecosystem. One Step is also the only no-rinse cleanser that uses active oxygen to do its work. Simply add 1 tablespoon One Step per gallon of cold or warm water and dissolve. Rinse or soak equipment and bottles with the One Step solution and use. For best results, insure that you have a 30 second contact time with the One Step solution. In a closed, dark, and clean container, a solution of One Step will last up to 1 week. In a closed, clean container in a refrigerator, the solution is good for over a month (but let it warm up before you use it). 1lb makes 30 gallons.

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