Five Star Star San


Star San is an acid based sanitizer that is quick, odorless, tasteless and safe for most materials except softer metals. Use of 1 oz per 5 gallons of water and a contact time of 1 minute makes Star San very economical and convenient.

As a high foamer, Star San’s foaming action insures coverage and contact time in larger vessels and better penetration into nooks and crannys. Any foam that is left over in your carboy or keg will not harm your beer or you, and is perfectly safe and non-toxic, nor will it impart any flavors or odors. If you plan on making some up for spray application it is best to use distilled or RO water to maximize the life of the unused portion (minerals in tap water reduce the shelf life of Star San once in solution). If a lower foaming alternative is preferred, for bottling or multiple batches, check out Saniclean.

When in concentrated form, Star San is a powerful acid and can damage countertops and other surfaces. We recommend you store it in a safe place!

Note: Five Star has discontinued 4 oz sizes of their sanitizers, we are now out of this size for Star-San. If you need a smaller amount of sanitizer, we recommend the 8 oz package of One Step Cleanser

Weight 1 lbs
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4 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz

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