What’s New Wednesday 9/30/15

Our distributors bend over backwards to supply our little tiny shop with the newest of the new! We’re so grateful! Drink! Cheers!


Allagash Farm to Face Peach Pale Ale with pediococcus and lactobacilus.

Abita Bourbon St. Series Imperial Stout

Brix City Porter Authority

Brooklyn American Pale Ale

Duclaw Imperial Pumpkin 62

Funk Citrus IPA

New Planet Gluten Free Blonde

New Planet Gluten Free Raspberry

Ommegang Hopstate – American Pale Ale with local hops! Yes, we consider Upstate local, especially when you’re talking about hop farms.

Smuttynose Kung Fu Hobo Kolsch




Back in:

Ballast Point Habanero Sculpin


Not Beer:

Austin Cider

Austin Texas Honey Cider




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