What’s New Wednesday 12/9/2015

Our deliveries came in late yesterday. Sorry that it took so long to post our new beers! But here they are:


Glutenberg Gluten-free Saison Froide

Greenflash/Alpine Hand Shake IPA

Greenflash Hop Odyssey: Segal Ranch Session IPA

Hofbrau Winter Spezial Helles

Rogue Yellow Snow IPA

Saucony XReserve Imperial Coffee Stout

Stone/Sierra Nevada NxS Barrel Aged IPA

Stone Stochasticity Grainiac Colon Blow

Troegs Solid Sender American Pale Ale


Back in:

Austin East Cider

Austin East Honey Cider

Maine Mo Pale Ale

Oskar Blues Death by Coconut

Oskar Blues IPA

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