What’s New Thursday 1/21/2016

Only a few new beers came in today, more tomorrow. Did we mention that we have so much new liquor to keep everyone warm during the Snowpocalypse?


Sam Adams Rebel Grapefruit IPA

Sweetwater Happy Ending Imperial Dry Hopped Stout


Back in:

Harpoon Long Thaw Belgian IPA

Ommegang Nirvana IPA

Shiner Family Reunion Variety Pack


Here are some liquors we think you should try when you’re cold:

Berkshire Mountain Barrel Aged Ethereal Gin (MA)

Berkshire Mountain Greylock Gin (MA)

Berkshire Mountain Ice Glen Vodka (MA)

Berkshire Mountain Ragged Mountain Rum (MA)

Berkshire Mountain New England Corn Whiskey (MA)

Blue Coat Dry Gin (PA)

Blue Coat Barrel Finished Gin (PA)

Claremont Jersey Devil Apple Pie Moonshine (NJ)

Claremont Jersey Devil Flaming SINamon Moonshine (NJ)

Claremont Jersey Devil Moonshine (NJ)

Claremont Potato Vodka (NJ)

Dark Horse Reunion Rye Whiskey (KS)

Dutch’s Sugarwash Moonshine (NY)

Fingerlakes Glen Thunder Corn Whiskey (NY)

Fingerlakes McKenzie Bourbon (NY)

Fingerlakes McKenzie Gin (NY)

Fingerlakes McKenzie Rye Whiskey (NY)

NY Distilling Dorothy Parker Gin (NY)

NY Distilling Perry’s Tot Gin (NY)

Oola Gin (WA)

Oola Aloo Vodka (WA)

Prohibition Bootlegger 21 Bourbon (NY)

Prohibition Bootlegger Vodka (NY)

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