The Thirsty Quaker 2014 Gift Guide

The holidays are fast approaching, it’s the time to start thinking of gifts for that special someone in your life. The Thirsty Quaker has everything a beer or wine lover could want, as well as some cool stuff for serious chefs and bakers.


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Beer & Wine Equipment Starter KitsThese kits have everything you need to brew and bottle 5 gallons of beer or 6 gallons of wine!  The perfect way to get into the hobby.

Basic Beer Kit – 64.99

Deluxe Beer Kit – 99.99

Winemaking Kit – 116.99



Beer Recipe Kits

Ingredients and instructions for making 5 gallons of beer (about 50 bottles). Our very own recipes, packed fresh! Everything from Stouts to IPAs.


Starting at 40.99

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Wine KitsEasy wine-making kits with all the additives to make a balanced, smooth, crystal clear wine. Most kits are ready to drink in only a few months. You can make any style you can think of, from Riesling to Sangiovese. Each kit makes about 30 bottles of wine.


Starting at 68.99


Homebrewing ClassesSmell the hops and taste the grain as we brew a beer with you in a professional kitchen at Hudson County Community College. Sample homebrewed and commercial beer as you learn the process and history of brewing. All students receive 10% off homebrew supplies.


Limited Space – 40 per student  (Dates: 1/25, 2/22, 3/22)


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99 Bottles of Beer

The perfect gift for craft beer lovers, this journey has beer of all styles from all parts of the world, including limited release and weird beers. Contains 96 small format and 3 large format beers, and a “99 Bottles” beer journal for tasting notes. Gift-wrapped and ready to deliver.


Limited Supply. Ask for pricing


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Christmas & Hanukkah Beers

These Christmas beers have been cellared a year to mellow out—perfect for a cold winter night. Or try a Kosher-certified brew from He’Brew!

2013 Lost Abbey Gift of the Magi – 10.99

2013 Anchor Christmas (1.5L) – 19.99

2013 Port Older Viscosity – 16.99

He’brew Hannukah, Chanukah – 11.49

He’brew Rejewvenator – 7.99




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Local Honey

Great for mead-makers, serious bakers, or those with a sweet tooth. The honey is sourced from a South Jersey apiary, and many of the flavors are from NJ crops. Clover, Pine Barren, Raspberry, and Orange Blossom are just a few of the varieties.


5 pound jars for 28.99 (good for 2 gallons of mead)


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Serious Brew Kettles

For the serious brewer, there’s nothing better than a heavy duty brew kettle with all the bells and whistles. These reinforced stainless steel kettles come with spigots, thermometers, false bottoms, and mesh screen tubes. Available in 10 and 16 gallon sizes.


Prices range 196.99 – 339.99


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Propane Burners

Take 10 gallons of wort to boiling temperature in just a few minutes – also great for big batches of chili or frying a turkey. These propane burners mean serious business! The KAB6 burner gets up to 210,000 BTUs!


SP10 burner – 62.99

KAB6 burner – 125.99


Kegging Equipment

Tired of going through the hassle of bottling? Tired of waiting a few weeks for your beer to carbonate? Kegging is quick and easy, and will let you have fresh draft beer on tap at home, or give you a fun way to bring your brews to a party.


Used Stainless Keg – 75

New Stainless Keg – 144.99

Dual Gauge CO2 Regulator – 54.99



Books!We’ve got loads of books for chefs, homebrewers, wine and mead-makers, and gardeners. In this digital age, there’s still something nice about holding a book in your hands and flipping through the pages.

The Homebrewer’s Garden – 14.95

The American Craft Beer Cookbook – 19.95

The Compleat Meadmaker – 19.95

Radical Brewing – 19.95

Alaskan Bootlegger’s Bible – 20.95

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