Results of The Thirsty Quaker’s Recipe Contest

The Thirsty Quaker hosted its very own homebrew contest recently, where brewers were invited to submit a bottle of homebrew with a recipe. The winners will receive a gift card and have their recipe featured as a kit in the shop! (This is not related to the State Fair Homebrew Contest)

We had close to 20 entries, but only three could win. Without further ado, here are the winners of our homebrew contest (in no particular order)!
  • Winter Warmer – Nick Micelli
  • Cuco’s Pumpkin Ale – Tyler Hutchinson
  • Oatmeal Vanilla Stout – Mike Hayoun
We did a blind taste test and judged the entries based on overall taste & impression, as well as the brewability (how difficult it would be to brew). It may have been the middle of the Summer, but we didn’t let that cloud our judgement, as our top three beers were all styles not usually associated with Summer drinking.
Thanks to everyone that submitted beers, there were a lot of great ones and we had lots of fun trying them out! We will try to give feedback to everyone on their beer.
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