Styrian Golding Pellet 1 oz (Slovenia)


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4-6% Alpha Acids • Slovenia • Finishing Hop

Styrian Golding Hops, also called Savinja Golding or St. Celeia Golding, is a traditional hops grown primarily in Slovenia, and also Austria; It is not of the Golding heritage, instead Styrian Golding is a form of Fuggle Hops and carries much of its attributes. This variety was the major hops crop for Styria (Austrian state bordering Slovenia) in the 1930’s as powdery mildew made its impact on other varieties from the area.

Used For: English style ales, Vienna/Oktoberfest lagers, Belgian ales, pilseners.

Aroma: Spice with a earthy/sweet edge

Substitutes: Fuggle, Willamette.

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