100% Nitrogen Gas Cylinder (FULL)


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This is for a FULL TANK OF 100% NITROGEN. You will receive a CGA 580 valve cylinder filled with nitrogen. Note that there is a tank deposit attached to this gas swap. If you have an empty gas cylinder with a Thirsty Quaker approved sticker on it (or if your tank was inspected recently), you can exchange it to receive a refund for the deposit amount.

THIS IS NOT BEER GAS. Beer gas is a blend of Nitrogen and CO2 typically used for “Nitro” beers like Guinness. 100% Nitrogen is used to push liquids without adding any carbonation. It is typically used for still beverages like wine, mead, or coffee, or to push beer over very long distances. Note that you will need a regulator specific for use with Nitrogen, as the valve is different than a CO2 regulator, and Nitrogen is dispensed at much higher psi.

Most tanks are stainless steel, but in some rare cases you may receive an aluminum tank.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 24 in

20 Cubic Feet (aka 5 lb), 40 Cubic Feet (aka 10 lb)