Pre-order your 2015 South Jersey honey now!

This year, we’ll be stocking up on more 2 LB sizes, so that you can enjoy interesting honey without committing to a huge jar. Unfortunately, honey prices are going up, thanks in part to neonicotinoid pesticides that are causing bee colony collapse disorder. However, if you are buying in large sizes, you can pre-order honey and save some cash!

Call the shop by April 12 to pre-order your 5 LB, 1 Gallon (~13 LB), or 60 LB sizes of honey and save 10% off the listed price. Pre-orders are not available for 2 LB sizes. Honey will arrive approximately April 17.

† only available by pre-order

New Jersey Honeys (New Jersey Bees, New Jersey Crops)

Blueberry Honey
Moderately fruity flavor with a delicate aftertaste
5 LB: (still in stock)   1 Gal: 76.99        60 LB: 327.99

Cranberry Honey
Mild fruity flavor with a tart but sweet aftertaste
5 LB: (still in stock)

South Jersey Pine Barren Honey
Moderately sweet flavor with a herbal aftertaste
5 LB: 32.99         (1 Gallon & 60 LB sizes no longer available)

Wildflower Honey
Complex fruity flavor
5 LB: 29.99         1 Gal:  64.99      60 LB: 294.99

Other Honeys (still from local producers)

Alfalfa Honey
Mild flavor and aroma similar to beeswax
5 LB: 30.99        1 Gal: 72.99      60 LB: 308.99

Buckwheat Honey
Pungent with a molasses and malt flavor and a lingering aftertaste. (seriously rich in flavor)
5 LB: 32.99

Clover Honey
Sweet flowery flavor with a mild aftertaste
5 LB: 31.99         1 Gal:  73.99       60 LB: 314.99

Orange Blossom Honey
Sweet fruity taste with a citrus aftertaste
5 LB: 32.99         1 Gal: 76.99        60 LB: 327.99

Raspberry Honey
Mildly sweet fruity flavor
5 LB:  36.99

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