New Arrivals 4/9/21

Barrier Strongest Geometric Shape IPA 4pk c
Bonesaw Queensicle Cream Ale 6pk c
Carton Scoot Scoot Scoot IPA 4pk c
D9 Carnaval Sour Ale 4pk c
D9 Swell Rider IPA 4pk c
Departed Soles 4 My Homie GoodbIPA GF 6pk c
Departed Soles Trash Can Banger IPA 4pk c
Glutenberg GF Blonde 4pk c
Glutenberg GF White 4pk c
Grimm Zonk TIPA 4pk c
Hop Valley Bubble Stash IPA 6pk c
Hop Valley Cryo Stash Variety 12pk c
Icarus Coronal Mass Ejection TIPA 4pk c
Interboro Lifted IPA 4pk c
Lancaster Kolsch 6pk c
Lawson’s Knockout Blonde Ale 4pk c
Lost Nation Lokal Resident Pale Ale 4pk c
Magnify Next Level QIPA 4pk c
Magnify Perception Is Reality IPA 4pk c
Magnify Thank You! Have A Nice Day IPA 4pk c
Maine Woods & Waters IPA 16.9oz b
Modern Times Caliban IPA 4pk c
Neshaminy Creek Pineapple Shape Of Hops To Come IPA 4pk c
Prairie Coca Berry Sour 4pk c
Prairie Plum Conundrum Sour 4pk c
Prairie Rainbow Sherbet Sour 4pk c
Prairie Slush Sour 4pk c
Prairie Sour Mix 12pk c
Prairie Spectrum Sour 4pk c
Samuel Smith Chocolate Stout 4pk b
Samuel Smith India Ale 4pk b
Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale 4pk b
Samuel Smith Pale Ale 4pk b
Saugatuck Blueberry Lemon Shandy 6pk c
Saugatuck Cottonmouth Crusher Sour Ale 6pk c
Schlafly Hoptic Visions Variety 12pk b
Sixpoint Apollo Wheat Ale 6pk c
Sixpoint Anti-Res DIPA 6pk c
Sixpoint Smoothie IPA 6pk c
Sixpoint Spritzer Bomb IPA 6pk c
Springdale Lavenade Wild Ale 4pk c
Three Floyds Dreadnaught IIPA 4pk c
Three Floyds Lazer Snake IPA 6pk c
Three Floyds Zombie Dust Pale Ale 6pk c
Upper Pass Cashmere Hoodie IPA 4pk c
Upper Pass Cloud Drop IPA 4pk c
Upper Pass First Drop IPA 4pk c
Zero Gravity Conehead IPA 4pk c
Zero Gravity Green State Lager 4pk c
Zero Gravity Madonna IIPA 4pk c

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