Intro to Homebrewing Class announced!

The Thirsty Quaker will be hosting its first-ever homebrew class on Sunday, May 4th! This is an introductory class and will be a perfect introduction to the world of beermaking. We will discuss the basic chemistry of how malt, hops, yeast, and water become this delicious thing we call beer, and then walk you through the process of making your very own beer. This will be a hands-on training workshop, so you won’t just be taking notes, but you’ll be mashing the grains and smelling the hops yourself!

All class attendees will also receive a coupon for 10% off all homebrew equipment and ingredient kits they purchase that day.

To sign up for the class, simply stop in the shop and mention that you’d like to sign up for the May 4th Intro to Homebrewing Class. We’ll give you a receipt and take your information down. Please keep this receipt!


Date: 5/4/2014

Time: 3 – 5 PM

Cost: $15 / person

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