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Honey is a wonderful thing. It’s delicious, nutritious, and is the only food that will never, ever spoil. And it’s great for making mead (also known as honey wine). If you’re interested in making mead, The Thirsty Quaker now stocks a great variety of honey from a New Jersey apiary. Don’t worry, this honey from a place far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Our pre-orders ended when we picked up the honey, but we still have plenty of 5 pound and a few one gallon containers of honey. Prices are below.

New Jersey Honeys (New Jersey Bees, New Jersey Crops)

Blueberry Honey
Moderately fruity flavor with a delicate aftertaste.
5 LB: $28.99

Cranberry Honey
Mild fruity flavor with a tart but sweet aftertaste.
5 LB: $28.99

South Jersey Pine Barren Honey
Moderately sweet flavor with a herbal aftertaste
5 LB: $28.99

Wildflower Honey
Complex fruity flavor.
5 LB: $27.99         1 Gallon:  $62.99

Other Honeys (still from local producers)

Buckwheat Honey

Pungent with a molasses and malt flavor and a lingering aftertaste. (seriously rich in flavor)
2 LB: $13.99

Clover Honey
Sweet flowery flavor with a mild aftertaste. (a great base for any mead)
5 LB: $28.99         1 Gallon:  $65.99

Orange Blossom Honey

Sweet fruity taste with a citrus aftertaste.
5 LB: $28.99

Raspberry Honey
Mildly sweet fruity flavor.
5 LB:  $33.99

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