Breweries by the Beach! Sunday October 2nd!

We’re partnering with Jersey City Day Trippers to hang out at a bunch of breweries around Asbury Park on Sunday, October 2nd. These are the breweries we’ll be visiting, in alphabetical order:

Asbury Park Brewing

Beach Haus

Dark City

Little Dog

It’s only $35 round trip, and includes craft beer on the bus!

We’ve arranged to have brewery tours with head brewers. Melissa, our beer manager, will be on board to talk about beer history if you want.

Departure: 12 pm, Grove & Columbus, Sunday October 2nd. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early!

Arrival: Little Dog, approximately 1:20 pm. We’ll spend approximately an hour at each brewery. There will be plenty of time to sight see, hang out on the beach and find food.

Cost: $35 round trip. Pay as you go at each brewery.

Departure from Asbury: Around 7 pm. Don’t miss the bus and walk back to Jersey City!

You don’t have to hang out at the breweries at all, you can just  go to the beach or boardwalk or do whatever you want!

Each brewery will be pay as you go. Book now with Jersey City Day Trippers!


Jersey City Day Tripper Maggie May
Jersey City Day Tripper Maggie May
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