2016 Gift Guide

If you need gift ideas, we’ve got you covered! We of course have gift cards, but if you need something a little personal, check out these ideas.

Craft Beer Flight Kits
Sample a new, unique or rare beer each day from these curated collections of craft beer. It’s like an advent calendar of beer! Read our tasting notes, and make your own notes and rate them online.

Everything Kit – 52.00
Belgian Style Kit – 66.00
Premium Kit – 90.00



One Gallon Beer Batches
Want to make beer but have a small apartment? Thinking of joining the hobby but don’t want to commit to lots of equipment? Need a fun gift for a friend? One gallon beer-making is easy  and compact. Makes 10 bottles.

Beer equipment kit – 39.99
Beer recipe packs – 15.99 – 19.99


One Gallon Wine Batches
Making your own wine is fast and easy. With only an hour of work and two months waiting, you’ll have delicious wine for less than $6 per bottle. Six varietals available in small batches, and dozens more available when you step up to larger batches.

Wine equipment kit – 39.99
Wine ingredient packs – 28.99


Winemaking Classes for Two
Learn how to make your own wine! During the class we’ll teach you the history and science of wine-making, and taste commercial and homemade wine. At the end of the class, take home an equipment kit and one gallon of ready-to-ferment grape must in your favorite style!

Class for Two – 75.00
Class Dates – Jan 11, Feb 1, March 1, March 29
Classes are Wednesdays, 6:30 – 8:30 at Mana Contemporary
Sign up at www.tqwine.eventbrite.com


Local Honey
Great for mead-makers, bakers, or those with a sweet tooth. Our honey is sourced from a South Jersey apiary. And try some ultra-local honey from the Hamilton Park neighborhood, the hives are two blocks from our shop!

2 lb South Jersey honey – 13.99
5 lb South Jersey honey – 31.99
8 oz Hamilton Park honey – 12.00


Serious Brew Kettles
For the serious brewer, there’s nothing better than a heavy duty brew kettle with all the bells and whistles. These reinforced stainless steel kettles come with spigots and thermometers, and the 6-piece come with false bottoms and mesh screen tubes.

10 Gallon 4-piece – 196.99
10 Gallon 6-piece – 299.99
16 Gallon 4-piece – 229.99
16 Gallon 6-piece – 339.99


Propane Burners
Take 10 gallons of wort to boiling temperature in just a few minutes – also great for big batches of chili or frying a turkey. These propane burners mean serious business!

SP1 Jet burner (185,000 BTU) – 54.99
SP10 burner (55,000 BTU) – 59.99
KAB6 burner (210,000 BTU) – 124.99


Limited Release Beers and Small Batch Whiskey
Looking for Stout from Iceland, Lingonberry beer from Sweden, or Double IPAs from New Jersey? We’ve got it all! The Thirsty Quaker has close to 900 different beers in stock to choose from.

Our craft spirit selection includes dozens of great bourbons, vodkas, gins, and more from small batch distilleries across the US. Try New Holland’s Beer Barrel Bourbon, or be adventurous with whiskey from around the world like Brenne, a French whiskey aged in Cognac barrels, or the Mackmyra Swedish whiskey.








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