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The hype of the week is…

The future! It seems like every Thursday from here to infinity and beyond, we have a tasting from 6 til 8. Next up to bat, on the 18th, Brian from Asbury Park Brewing will be sampling the finest beers they have to offer, and singing Disco versions of his favorite Black Metal songs.

Here are some new beers for this week:
Hoboken Brewing Cityside IPA 6pk c
Alementary Let’s Begin! Gose 6pk c
Dogfish Head Midas Touch 4pk b
Cisco Variety Pack 12pk c
Elysian Space Dust IPA 6pk b
Weihenstephaner Original 6pk b
Two Roads Clementine Gose 4pk c
Lone Eagle Station Lager 4pk c
Rivertowne Grateful White Ale 6pk c
Cisco Shark Tracker Light 12pk c
Revolution Amarillo Hero IPA 6pk c
Funk Brewing Citrus IPA 6pk c
New Belgium Blend Like A Brewer Variety Pack 12pk b
Alementary Gap Year IPA 6pk c
New Belgium Citradelic IPA 6pk b
Coney Island Hard Root Beer
Carton Unjunct Stout 4pk c
Cigar City White Oak Jai Alai 4pk c
Yards Brewing Golden Hop IPA 6pk b
New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA 6pk b
Saugatuck Oak Wizard Stout 6pk b



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Upcoming Beer Tastings for January – March

We’ve got a ton of beer tastings lined up for the coming months. If you want to try some delicious beer samples, don’t forget to stop in! We do weekly beer tastings every Thursday from 6-8PM

Jan 11 – Lone Eagle Brewing
Jan 18 – Asbury Park Brewing
Jan 25 – Warwick Winery / Doc’s Cider
Feb 1 – 902 Brewing
Feb 8 – Cigar City
Feb 15 – Victory Brewing
Feb 22 – Firestone Walker
Mar 8 – Otter Creek

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If you live in Jersey City…

I really hope you got to ring in the New Year at The Pet Shop. If you’re not from Jersey City and you’re hanging out in a pet shop on New Year’s rockin’ eve, well, I’m not one to judge, but it might be time for a new hobby. If you were there, then take a moment to reminisce with me about studded leather codpieces and high kicks, a cover of Eruption that would make Eddie himself blush, and  an encore that took us all back to 1984. Later in the evening, the only band that matters (or a fantastic interpretation of them, anyway) helped us kick the last few piles of dirt onto the fetid carcass of 2017.

But here we are in 2018! Our hopes and reservations loom large for the coming year, and the Thirsty Quaker is here to keep you from getting too rattled by offering you the freshest, most awesome new beers. Check’em out:

The Alementary Snow Bird DIPA 4pk c
Eclipse Imperial Stout 22oz b
Weyerbacher Double Simcoe IPA 4pk c
Von Trapp Double IPL 4pk c
Abita Mardi Gras Bock 6pk b
Stone Tangerine Express IPA 6pk c
Ballast Point Sour Wench Blackberry Sour Ale 6pk b
Dark City Populous Coffee Porter 4pk c
Neshaminy Creek Fruhstuck Breakfast Stout 22oz b
Weihenstephan Hefeweissen 6pk b
Founders Backwoods Basta(shut yo mouth!) 22oz b
Hitachino Nest White Ale 11.2oz b
Sapporo 6pk b
Ballast Point Bonito Blonde Ale 6pk c
Sierra Nevada Fresh Hop Variety Pack 12pk c
Shiner Family Reunion Variety 6pk b



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Happy happy, merry merry…

Holly Jolly, from all of us and ours, to all of you and yours. If you weren’t aware, there is a holiday coming up this Monday, and The Thirsty Quaker will be closed on that day. We will be open on the Sunday preceding said holiday from noon until 7pm. But enough about us! There are new limited releases this week from our friends at Czig Meister, Icarus, The Alementary, Bolero Snort and Departed Soles! More information below:

Bolero Snort The Last Bovine IIPA 4pk c
Czig Meister Deep Sea NEIPA 4pk c
The Alementary Lost At Sea IPA 6pk c
Icarus Brewing Not A Schooner DDH IPA 4pk c
Departed Soles Jersey Juicer IIPA 4pk c
Allagash Sixteen Counties Belgian Style Golden Ale 4pk b
River Horse Hippo’s Hands IPA 6pk b
Bolero Snort Snickermoodle Porter 4pk c
Wolffer Dry Rose Cider 4pk b
Departed Soles Island Gurl Coconut IPA 4pk c
Allagash James and Julie Sour Brown Ale 12.7oz b
Two Roads Two Juicy NEIPA 4pk c
B. Nektar Zombie Killer Mead 500mL b
Farnum Hill Semi-Dry Cider 750mL b


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It’s the Most Wonderful Time…

To drink beer! Curl up close to that special someone by the fire, wearing your best ugly/creepy/sports themed sweater and share tasting notes on your favorite holiday brews, or just some brews you you’ve been meaning to get around to. Lucky for you, we have both. If you’ve been following this email for the last few weeks, then you know that it has figuratively been raining beer here at the Thirsty Quaker. I mean, we are figuratively up to our ears in great new offerings, so I literally want you to come on down and check them out. Here’s the new stuff this week:

902/NJBC eNJoy Collaboration IPA 4pk c
Flying Fish Grand Cru Winter Ale 6pk b
Czig Meister The Huntsman Kolsch 6pk c
902 Single Hop Series Zythos 4pk c
Knee Deep Stoutello Stout 4pk c
Grey Sail Leaning Chimney Porter 6pk b
Ballast Point High West Barrel Aged Victory At Sea 4pk b
New Belgium Voodoo Ranger IPA 6pk b
902 Double Parked DIPA 4pk c
Singlecut Dean PNW Mahogany Ale 16.9oz b
Grey Sail Flying Jenny APA 6pk c
Blue Point Winter Ale 6pk b
Ballast Point Sour Wench Blackberry Ale 6pk b
The Alementary Long Division Vienna Style Lager 6pk c
Dock St. Golden IPA 4pk c
Sierra Nevada Celebration Fresh Hop Ale 6pk b
Knee Deep Tahoe Deep WCIPA 4pk c
Blue Point Toasted Lager 6pk b
Epic Hop Syndrome Lager 6pk c
Flying Fish Exit Series Variety Pack 12pk b
Knee Deep Breaking Bud IPA 4pk c
The Alementary 3rd Session IPA 6pk c

Happy Holidays!

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The Thirsty Quaker’s 2017 Gift Guide

If you need gift ideas, we’ve got you covered! We of course have gift cards, but if you need something a little personal, check out these ideas.

Craft Beer Flight Kits
Sample a new, unique or rare beer each day from these curated collections of craft beer. It’s like an advent calendar of beer! Read our tasting notes, and make your own notes and rate them online. We also have empty packs that you can fill out with any beers from the shop that catch your fancy.

Empty Kit – 5.00
Standard Kit – 52.00
Premium Kit – 90.00



One Gallon Beer Batches
Want to make beer but have a small apartment? Thinking of joining the hobby but don’t want to commit to lots of equipment? Need a fun gift for a friend? One gallon beer-making is easy  and compact. Makes 10 bottles.

Beer equipment kit – 39.99
Beer recipe packs – 15.99 – 19.99


One Gallon Wine Batches
Making your own wine is fast and easy. With only an hour of work and two months waiting, you’ll have delicious wine for less than $6 per bottle. Six varietals available in small batches, and dozens more available when you step up to larger batches.

Wine equipment kit – 39.99
Wine ingredient packs – 28.99


Limited Release Beers and Small Batch Whiskey
Looking for Stout from Iceland, IPAs from Sweden, or Belgian Sours? We’ve got it all! The Thirsty Quaker has close to 800 different beers in stock to choose from.

Our craft spirit selection includes great bourbons, vodkas, gins, and more from small batch distilleries across the US. Try New Holland Beer Barrel Bourbon, Hudson Maple Cask Rye, or Corgi Spirits – a great distillery making vodka and gin right here in Jersey City!


Deluxe Kegging Equipment Kit
Ditch the bottles, the hassle, and the mess by making the leap to kegs! This kegging kit has everything you
need to get started—a brand new 5 gallon keg, CO2 regulator, serving faucet, and all the connections and tubing. Save $25 compared to buying everything separately.

Deluxe Kegging Kit – 199.99
CO2 5 lb tank – 21.00 (plus 70.00 deposit)


Local Honey & Maple Syrup
Great for mead-makers, bakers, or those with a sweet tooth. Our honey is sourced from a South Jersey apiary. And try some ultra-local honey from the Hamilton Park neighborhood, the hives are two blocks from our shop! Our maple syrup comes from Lyonsville Farm near New Paltz, NY and it is the best damn maple syrup you’ve ever had.

South Jersey honey – 14.00 (2lb), 32.00 (5lb)
Hamilton Park honey – 12.00 (8oz)
Maple Syrup – 20.00 (pint), 14.00 (small glass bottle), 22.00 (tall glass bottle)



Serious Brew Kettles
For the serious brewer, there’s nothing better than a heavy duty brew kettle with all the bells and whistles. These reinforced stainless steel kettles come with spigots and thermometers, and the 6-piece come with false bottoms and mesh screen tubes.

10 Gallon 4-piece – 196.99
10 Gallon 6-piece – 299.99
16 Gallon 4-piece – 229.99
16 Gallon 6-piece – 339.99


Propane Burners
Take 10 gallons of wort to boiling temperature in just a few minutes – also great for big batches of chili or frying a turkey. These propane burners mean serious business!

SP1 Jet burner (185,000 BTU) – 54.99
SP10 burner (55,000 BTU) – 59.99
KAB6 burner (210,000 BTU) – 124.99








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Boy oh boy…

Has it been a bustling week here at the Thirsty Quaker! Not only did we release the Captive Bacon Snake, but it left the premises in less than two (count’em two!) hours! We still have Barrel Aged Ten Fidy and Avery Tweak available, but not for much longer, as well. I’d like to offer a sincere apology to everyone who missed out on the BCBS and CBS this season, and a righteous congratulations to the quick and the lucky ones who got here in time to enjoy them. Here’s to next year.

There’s a veritable swimming pool full of new beers in the store, and we can’t wait for you to take a dive. If you see something on the list that you can’t find on the shelf, don’t be bashful, ask one of the us, because there’s like, that much stuff, guys. Seriously. And here they are…

Czig Meister/Bolero Snort Upon the Shattered Cliffs Imperial Milk Porter Bombers
Departed Soles/Two Ton Brewing 201 Ton Imperial Porter Collaboration 4pk c
Bolero Snort The Bull Abides Imperial Stout Bombers
Asbury Park Blonde Ale 6pk b
Departed Soles Naughty List By Nature Christmas Ale 4pk c
Bolero Snort Prime Bovine IPA 4pk c
Jersey Girl Gold Rush IPA 4pk c
Czig Meister Falconer APA 6pk c
Flying Fish Double IPA 4pk b
Revolution League of Heroes 12pk c
Silly Sour Ale 4pk b
Otter Creek Drip Drop Coffee Stout 6pk b
Victory Dirt Wolf IPA 6pk b
Empire Brewing Black Magic Stout 6pk b
Muskoka Brewing Mad Tom IPA 6pk b
Flying Fish Extra Pale Ale 6pk b
Firestone Walker Luponic Distortion 6pk c
Defiant Muddy Creek Amber 6pk b
Boulevard Bourbon Barrel Aged Quad 4pk b
Big Muddy Galaxy IPA 6pk b
Firestone Walker Easy Jack Session IPA 6pk b
Czig Meister Shipwright IPA 4pk c
Defiant Weapons Grade IPA 4pk b
Port Brewing High Tide Fresh Hop IPA 4pk c
Flying Fish Hopfish IPA 6pk b
Otter Creek Free Flow 6pk c
Shacksbury Ginger Spritz Cider 4pk c
Founders Porter 6pk b
Defiant Christmas Ale 4pk b
Victory Storm King Imperial Stout 6pk b
Anchor Christmas Ale 6pk b
Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA 6pk b
Muskoka Twice as Mad Tom DIPA 6pk b
Silly Scotch Ale 4pk b
Czig Meister The Prospector Amber Ale 6pk c
Neshaminy Creek Shape of Hops to Come IPA 4pk c
Lord Hobo Consolation Prize DIPA 4pk c
Bronx Brewing Banner Kolsch 8pk c
Silly Saison 4pk b
Czig Meister Blacksmith Stout 6pk c
Empire Brewing Deep Purple Pils 4pk b
Wild Onion Misfit IPA 6pk c
Singlecut Charlie’s Good Tonight DDHIPA 4pk c
Left Hand Saison Au Ble De Minuit 4pk c
Port Brewing Mongo DIPA 4pk c
Founders Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale 6pk b
Wild Onion Radio Free Pils 6pk c

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So… How was the turkey?

I bet it was fantastic. No one makes turkey quite like (Insert whoever had turkey duty here). And how about that thing they did with the cranberry sauce?! Nice. Twist. I can’t wait til next year so we can do it all over again!

We have some excellent new offerings to help ring in the holiday season, and our Craft Beer Flight Kits are all assembled and ready to go. Also, we’ve put together a Thirsty Quaker Holiday Gift Guide, if you’d like some help finding the perfect present for that crafty person in your life. And there’s always beer if you’re really stuck. Beer like:
Stone Enjoy By 12-25-17 6pk c
Green Flash GFB Blonde giant6pk c
Brooklyn Black Ops 750mL b
Flying Dog Family Drama Imperial Pilsner 6pk b
Sierra Navada Sidecar Orange Pale 6pk b
902 Brewing P.A.T.H. Pale Ale 4pk c
Troegs Mad Elf Strong Dark Ale 6pk b
Golden Road Wolf Pup Session IPA 6pk c
Brooklyn Sorachi Ace Saison 6pk b
Harpoon Winter Warmer 6pk b
Dogfish Head IPAs For The Holidays Sampler 12pk b
Avery Tweak Stout with Coffee aged in Bourbon Barrels 12oz b
Oskar Blues Barrel Aged Ten Fidy 19.2oz c
Sierra Nevada Otra Vez Gose 6pk b
Victory Mighty Things Imperial IPA 6pk b
Anchor Christmas Ale 6pk b
10 Barrel Pray For Snow Winter Ale 6pk b
Sierra Nevada Nooner Pilsner 6pk b
Cigar City Cafe Con Leche Sweet Stout with Coffee 22oz b
Great Lakes Christmas Ale 6pk b
Owl’s Brew Wicked Watermelon Wheat Beer 6pk c
Bronx Brewing Boogie Down Sampler 12pk c
Cigar City Tocobaga Red Ale 6pk c

Next week:

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A Week From Today, Thursday, November 23rd (Thanksgiving)…

The Thirsty Quaker will be open from noon Til 5. Come on in and say Hi to Willie on your way to see the family and devour the traditional bird carcass while someone pays too much attention to the sports playing on tv in the other room. Full disclosure: The guy in the other room is usually me.
While we love bringing you the newest and most interesting offerings that the craft beer world has to… offer, we also scour the Earth looking for new and unique spirits. Fortunately for us, Corgi Spirits opened up right in our backyard, so we didn’t even have to get in the car. We now have Corgi’s Saddlecoat Vodka, Pembroke Gin, and their flagship, Earl Grey Gin! Come on in and check them out. You won’t be disappointed.

On to the Beer:
Goose Island Bourbon County Stout 1pt9oz b
Lancaster Winter Warmer 6pk b
Founders Azacca IPA 15pk c
Flying Dog Family Drama Imperial Pilsner 6pk b
Saugatuck Blueberry Maple Stout 6pk b
Barrier/Red Hymn Collab Endless Sky IPA 4pk c
Sierra Nevada Celebration Fresh Hop IPA 6pk b
Ballast Point Fathom IPA 6pk c
Grey Sail Captain’s Daughter 4pk c
Paradox Beaver Bite IPA 4pk c
Anchor Go West! IPA 6pk b
Great Lakes Blackout Stout 4pk b


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In the news

This coming Thursday, November 16, Joe from Neshaminy Creek will be in store sampling beers and signing autographs.

For those of you who are so inclined, we will be holding wine tastings every Friday from 6-8. Come join us to try some fun, interesting and exotic stuff from the world of GRAPES.

And we have some new beers:

902 Black Dynomite Black IPA 4pk c
Alementary Modular DIPA 4pk c
Dark City Charrette Belgian Rye IPA 4pk c
Bronx Orange Pistachio Porter 4pk c
Bad Seed Ginga Cider 4pk c
The Bruery Terreux/Jester King Bouffon Witbier 22oz b
Dogfish Head 120 minute IPA 4pk b
Dark City Born To Ruin DIPA
Lagunitas Brown Shugga Strong Ale 6pk b
Port Brewing Nelson the Greeter 4pk C
The Bruery Terreux 10 Lords A Leaping Dark Wit Imperial Ale 22oz b
Sweetwater Winter Tacklebox Variety Pack 12pk b
Shiner Ruby Redbird 6pk b
Dark City Populous Coffee Porter 4pk c
Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout 6pk b
Scrimshaw Pilsner 6pk b
Rivertowne Jah Mon Session IPA 6pk c
Firestone Walker Leo v. Ursus Rye Beer 4pk c
Victory Sour Monkey 6pk b
Ellicottville Keepin it Peel English IPA 6pk b
Full Pint White Lightning Witbier 6pk b

Thanks for watching