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It’s a beautiful day…

To try some new beer, and boy do we have plenty of it!

Alementary Let’s Begin! Gose 6pk c
Ballast Point Aloha Sculpin IPA 6pk b
Baxter Brewing Ein Stein Lager 6pk c
Baxter Hop Tryst 4pk c
Bear Republic Hop Shovel 6pk b
Bolero Snort Magically Bullicious Golden Stout 4pk c
Bolero Snort Moophoric IPA 4pk c
Brooklyn Bel Air Sour 6pk b
Half Acre Daisy Cutter Pale Ale 4pk c
Half Acre Navaja DIPA 4pk c
Lagunitas Dark Swan Sour 6pk b
Neshaminy Creek Shape of Hops to Come DIPA 4pk c
NJ Beer Company Pit Boss DIPA 4pk c
River Horse Raspberry Tripel Horse 6pk b
Sierra Nevada Experimental Hop Pack Variety 12pk c

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That Storm…

Sure was something, huh? We’re glad you made it through. On to the weekend!

Here are some new beers and returning stars:

902 3rd Anniversary IPA 4pk c
902 Kurtoscalaks Chimney Cake Milk Stout 4pk c
Asbury Park Sea Dragon NEIPA 6pk c
Boulevard Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale 6pk b
Boulevard The Calling IPA 6pk b
Delirium Red Bouffon 4pk b
Delirium Nocturnum Strong Ale 4pk b
Delirium Tremens Strong Ale 4pk b
Evil Twin Nasty Trunks Sour IPA 4pk c
Icarus Karman Line Imperial IPA 4pk c
Icarus My Little Friend American Stout 4pk c
Mispillion River Not Today Satan IPA 6pk c
Mispillion Reach Around IPA 6pk c
Mispillion River Space Otter APA 6pk c
Mother Earth Boo Koo IPA 6pk c
Mother Earth Cali Cream Ale 6pk c
Mother Earth Love Pack Variety 12pk c
Mother Earth Resinator Kismet IPA 6pk c
Omnipollo Beglo IPA 4pk c
Otter Creek Ella Hoppy Lager 6pk c
Otter Creek Free Flow IPA 6pk c
Shiner Ruby Redbird 6pk b
Stillwater The Cloud IPA 4pk c
Westbrook Gose 6pk c
Westbrook One Claw APA 6pk c

Doc’s Dry Hopped Cider 22oz b
Finn River Lavendar Black Currant Cider 16oz b
Finn River Pear Cider 16oz b
Rekorderlig Pear Cider 4pk c

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This Week’s List…

Features the return of some old favorites, as well as some exciting new offerings to our shelves. Check’em out!

Anchor Brewer’s Pale Ale 6pk b
Bolero Snort Doubull Stuffed Imperial Stout 750mL b
Bolero Snort OVB Cream Pop IPA 4pk c
Carta Blanca American Adjunct Lager 6pk b
Epic Brewing Pulp Addiction NEIPA 6pk c
Founders All Day IPA 6pk c
Founders Rubaeus Pure Raspberry Ale 6pk c
Founders Solid Gold Premium Lager 6pk c / 15pk c
Great Divide Hercules Double IPA 6pk c
Great Divide Titan IPA 6pk c
Great Lakes Conway’s Irish Ale 6pk b
Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold Lager 6pk b
Great Lakes Eliot Ness Amber Lager 6pk b
Leffe Brune Belgian Abbey Ale 6pk b
Revolution A Little Crazy Belgian Style Pale Ale 6pk c
Revolution Amarillo Hero IPA 6pk c
Revolution Anti Hero IPA 6pk c
Rogue Honey Kolsch 6pk c
Sierra Nevada Nooner Pilsner 6pk b
Wyndridge Pineapple Orange IPA 6pk c

Wyndridge Black Cherry Cider 6pk c

Nikka Coffey Grain Whiskey 750mL

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If you are around on this rainy Friday…

from 5-7, Matt From Woody Creek Distillery will be here pouring some Colorado Rye. Come tell him a joke.

Here are some new beers:
Asbury Park Sea Dragon NEIPA 6pk c
Alementary Modular DIPA 4pk c
Peak IPA 6pk c
Neshamniny Creek This Is Not The New Neshaminy Creek IPA 4pk c
Two Roads Two Juicy NEIPA 4pk c
Nauti Seltzer Raspberry 6pk c
Cigar City Guayabera Pale Ale 6pk c
Asbury Park 4/4 IPA 6pk c
Citizen Americran Cider 750mL b
Two Roads Passion Fruit Gose 4pk c
Pipeworks Ninja Vs. Unicorn DIPA 4pk c
Nauti Seltzer Cranberry 6pk c
Alementary A-Game IPA 6pk c
Peak Evergreen Crush IPA 6pk c
Von Trapp Weissbier 6pk b
Two Roads Persion Lime Gose 4pk c
Citizen Dirty Mayor Cider 4pk c
Nauti Seltzer Grapefruit 6pk c
Dogfish Head Romantic Chemistry IPA 6pk b
Alementary Independent Variable Keller Pils 6pk c
Pipeworks Passion Guppy Session IPA 4pk c
Two Roads Honeyspot Road IPA 6pk b
Two Bros. Wobble IPA 6pk b
Nauti Seltzer Lemon Lime 6pk c
Citizen Lake Hopper Cider 4pk c
Alementary Magellan DDH Pale Ale 6pk c
Pipeworks Close Encounter Black IPA 4pk c
Two Roads O’l Factory Pils 6pk b
Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA

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I’m gonna keep it short this week…

Please be good to each other out there.

Here’s some new beers:

Departed Soles Flavor Unit Vol. 2 NEIPA 4pk c
Bolero Snort TMNB Caramel Turtle Brown Ale 4pk c
New Jersey Beer Company Touch Of Grey Dank IPA 4pk c
Bolero Snort SVB Strawberry Cream IPA 4pk c
Boulevard Rye On Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Ale 4pk b
21st Amendment Baby Horse Belgian Style Quad 6pk c
Troegs First Cut Mango IPA 6pk b
Flying Dog Tropical Bitch IPA 6pk b
Sixpoint Higher Volume Variety Pack 12pk c

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New Beer, New Whiskey, New Classes, and New Equipment!

Lots of exciting new stuff in stock this week, from all over the board!

We have new classes scheduled with Hudson Table. These classes will be good for beginner and intermediate brewers. In each class, we’ll brew a specific style and discuss tips and tricks specific to that style. Our March 18th class will cover IPAs, and we look to cover Stouts and Sours in upcoming classes. Get a $30 discount if you already have brewing equipment at home.
Click Here for Tickets

New, lower-priced brew kettles in stock!
5 Gallon Kettle – 31.99
8 Gallon Kettle – 44.99
8 Gallon w/ ports for accessories – 64.99

New 1 gallon wide-mouth jugs for fermenting – 6.75 with lid

And now for the beverages

I have good news and I have great news. The good news? We, of course, have new beers in stock for your consideration. The great news, well that’s these whiskeys right here:

Woody Creek Straight Rye
Cleveland Black Reserve Bourbon
Iron Smoke Bourbon
Buffalo Trace Bourbon (Back In Stock)
Eagle Rare Bourbon (Back In Stock)
Jim will be here tonight from 6-8 sampling Cleveland Black Reserve. Take it easy on him. He’s new in town.  We’ll have some more new arrivals next week, so stay tuned.

On to the beers:

Alementary Chief Oratam Porter 6pk c
Icarus C.A.T. Brux Citrus IPA 4pk c
Carton IDIPA 4pk c
Icarus We Want The Gold Imperial IPA 4pk c
Knee Deep Breaking Bud IPA 4pk c
Thorberg Five Hop Belgian IPA 4pk b
Foolproof Barstool IPA 6pk c
Oskar Blues G’night Imperial Red IPA 6pk c
Flying Dog Sweet and Smoky Stout 6pk b
Harpoon Opener Variety Pack 12pk b
Foolproof Backyahd IPA 6pk c
Maine Brewing King Titus Porter 16.9oz b
Knee Deep Lupulin River IPA 6pk c
Stone Loral and Dr. Rudi’s Inevitable Adventure Double IPA 6pk b
Foolproof The Grotto IPA 4pk c
Flying Dog Alpha 01 Experimental IPA 6pk b
This Thursday From 5-7, John from Victory will be here sampling some of his beers, and telling campfire stories about building campfires.


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I’m assuming that you’re…

Going to watch television on Sunday, and I don’t mean your regularly scheduled programming. If you or someone love has rooting or betting interests on this live broadcast, then good luck to you. If not, then enjoy halftime and the commercials. SPORTS!

This coming Thursday, I’m excited to say that we are hosting an Oskar Blues/Cigar City Mega Tasting from 6-8. Erin will be here to pour some fun stuff from those two portfolios, and tell you about the time she drained a 3-pointer from the half court line only to get back on defense and block a two handed reverse jam.

Here are some new beers:
Alementary Study Abroad Berliner Weisse 6pk c
Bolero Snort Moosaic IPA 4pk c
Omnipollo Pleroma Raspberry Creme Brulee Sour 4pk c
Evil Twin Coffenade Lemon Coffee IPA 4pk c
Ellicottville Keepin It Peel Citrus IPA 6pk b
Sixpoint Hi-Res Tripple IPA 4pk c
Evil Twin I Always Felt Closer to IPAs than I Did To People 4pk c
New Holland Dragon’s Milk Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout 22oz. b
Ellicottville Blood Orange Hefeweizen 6pk b
Off Color Known Gnome Old Timey Porter 4pk b
Evil Twin Nasty Trunks Sour IPA 4pk c
Ellicottville Mosaic IPA 6pk b
Schlafly 2 bean Blonde Ale 6pk b

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I know we’re a craft beer store…

But did you know that we carry craft spirits too? If you haven’t tried Misunderstood Ginger-spiced Whiskey, anything in the Corgi lineup, or Horschtadter’s Slow and Low Rock and Rye, they will all be featured at Jersey City Whiskey Fest, and they’re available here, at your trusty Thirsty Quaker.

Also! If you’re around on Thursday between 6-8, Henry from 902 Brewing will be handing out samples of their finest beers, and demonstrating how to run NFL-Perfect slant, curl and crossing routes.   Anyway, here are some new beers:

Alementary Magellan DDH Pale Ale 6pk c
Czig Meister Master Of The Seas TIPA 4pk c
Flying Fish Hopfish 6pk b
Great Divide Claymore Scotch Ale 6pk c
Funk Silent Disco NEIPA 4pk c
Dogfish Head Romatic Chemistry IPA 6pk b
Brix City Joe N’ Oats Stout 4pk c
Downeast Drier Side: Hopped Grapfruit Cider 4pk c
Two Roads Zero 2 Sixty Tart IPA 6pk c
Great Divide Hop Disciples IPA 6pk c
Scrimshaw Pilsner 6pk b
Dogfish Head Lupu Luau coconut IPA 6pk c
Czig Meister Deep Sea IPA 4pk c
Affligem Blonde Ale 4pk b
Brooklyn Naranjito IPA 6pk b
Great Divide Orabelle Belgian Style Ale 6pk c
Victory 4Front Ipa 6pk b
Flying Fish Extra Pale Ale 6pk b
Brix City Porter Authority Porter 4pk c
Long Trail Ale 6pk b
Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold 6pk b

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So we’re in the process of some…


Alementary Saison Brun 750mL b
Bolero Snort Imperial Imperial Moountie Brown Ale 750mL b
Icarus Yacht Juice DIPA 4pk c
Departed Soles Rick Rolled Oat Coffee Stout 4pk c
Asbury Park Stout 6pk b
Pipeworks Blood of the Unicorn American Red Amber 4pk c
Alementary Long Story Dortmunder Lager 6pk c
Bolero Snort Cocoa Pebbuls Stout 4pk c
Industrial Arts Wrench NEIPA 4pk c
Sierra Nevada 4-Way IPA Variety Pack 12pk c
Brooklyn Variety 12pk b
Bolero Snort OVB: Blood Orange IPA 4pk c
Pipeworks Lizard King Mosaic IPA 4pk c
Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing NEIPA 6pk c
Bronx Crystal Whipped IPA 6pk c
Departed Soles Super Bogan Barleywine 750mL b
Troegs Nugget Nectar 6pk b and 12pk c
Sierra Nevada Hop Bullet DIPA 6pk b
Bronx Banner Kolsch 6pk c
Clown Shoes Galactica IPA 4pk c
Departed Soles Chilltown Breakfast Stout 750mL b
Founders Sumatra Mountain Brown Ale 4pk b
Clown Shoes Clementine White Ale 6pk c
Lagunitas Undercover Shutdown Ale 6pk b
HoeGaarden Hefeweissen 6pk b
Clown Shoes Josh the Guava King DIPA 4pk c
Weyerbacher Wingman Pale Ale 6pk c
Elysian Immortal IPA 6pk b
Goose Island Matilda Saison 6pk b
Departed Soles Red Headed Step Brewer Red Ale 4pk c
Warsteiner Dunkelweisse 6pk b
Devil’s Back Bone Vienna Lager 6pk b
Weyerbacher Funky Monks Belgian Sour 6pk c
10 Barrel Joe IPA 6pk b
Warsteiner Pilsner 6pk b

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The hype of the week is…

The future! It seems like every Thursday from here to infinity and beyond, we have a tasting from 6 til 8. Next up to bat, on the 18th, Brian from Asbury Park Brewing will be sampling the finest beers they have to offer, and singing Disco versions of his favorite Black Metal songs.

Here are some new beers for this week:
Hoboken Brewing Cityside IPA 6pk c
Alementary Let’s Begin! Gose 6pk c
Dogfish Head Midas Touch 4pk b
Cisco Variety Pack 12pk c
Elysian Space Dust IPA 6pk b
Weihenstephaner Original 6pk b
Two Roads Clementine Gose 4pk c
Lone Eagle Station Lager 4pk c
Rivertowne Grateful White Ale 6pk c
Cisco Shark Tracker Light 12pk c
Revolution Amarillo Hero IPA 6pk c
Funk Brewing Citrus IPA 6pk c
New Belgium Blend Like A Brewer Variety Pack 12pk b
Alementary Gap Year IPA 6pk c
New Belgium Citradelic IPA 6pk b
Coney Island Hard Root Beer
Carton Unjunct Stout 4pk c
Cigar City White Oak Jai Alai 4pk c
Yards Brewing Golden Hop IPA 6pk b
New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA 6pk b
Saugatuck Oak Wizard Stout 6pk b