Briess Rye Liquid Malt Extract (LME) 3.3 Lb

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Briess Rye is an American liquid malt extract made of both rye and barley malts. It has a malty caramel flavoring with subtle spice from the rye. 9°L


Starting in late 2018 we are discontinuing specialty malt extracts. This is due to shifting trends in the homebrew world, as we see more brewers doing partial mash and all-grain brewing, and a steep decline in extract brewing.


We suggest the following alternatives:
All Grain Option (per 3.3lb can LME)
48 oz 2-Row
14 oz Rye Malt
6.5 oz Caramel 40L

Partial Mash Option (per 3.3lb can LME)
1.75 lb Golden Light DME
14 oz Rye Malt
6.5 oz Caramel 40L

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